Ron Artest Radio! vol. Gets at Barkley, Marc Jackson and Tim Legler

Joined Aug 23, 2008
The homie saw him in the club last night lol.
dude has too much time on his hands

Jamaicans FTW
Joined Sep 30, 2010
Haha, Artest is an absolute clown. His announcer voice is hilarious! "I was tellin' you guys..." Favorite parts: Bootleg studio, Kids playing onthe jungle gym, NBDL in '85, and I'm goin' fishin' in the hotel.
Joined Oct 9, 2004
This dude spent like 2 minutes trying to fix the lighting

Artest is that dude.. This dude is crazy

"Kobe is a good friend of mine, my family and I will probably go and visit his family... Play at the jungle gym... But on the court it's a battle, andi'm a BEAST..."

Tru Warrior
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