Ronnie Fieg Collabs - Tracking order link

Joined May 12, 2019
Welp I got through to sold out on an 8.5, tried to use the checkout link for a 9 and a 9.5, and got sold out. Then left my laptop in line for an 11 while I took a shower and got out to see it still in line. Congrats to everybody who copped though!!
Joined Feb 17, 2019
Ronnie got everyone coppin anything Coke lol....from overpriced hoodies and skate decks to overhyped surf boards, pins, and swim shorts lol.

Not gonna lie tho, L's across the board for me:lol:
Joined Jul 16, 2017
Congrats brotha. Slept through my alarm, 14 mins late and didn't even try. Glad you cooked, especially after waiting. You were first in store right? NYC be the worst, resellers don't know how to act.
Yup I was first. I tried briefly online but gave up. The converse are tough in person. Clothing is good quality too, worth the prices
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