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Well that ****in' sucked. Brooklyn & Manhattan sold out almost instantly. Carted both in XL ASAP but got hit with a stupid Captcha even though I logged into gmail, which usually works to prevent it. Manhattan sold out during processing, Broklyn sold out when I tried to re-check out. Oh well.

As usual, **** Kith
u swinging big D energy doing two in one cart. im assume bots just ate them all


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u swinging big D energy doing two in one cart. im assume bots just ate them all
Yeah, I normally wouldn't have tried but the quick add feature only meant like an extra .5 sec to get both in at once. I'm sure it was the captcha that killed me, though, which is crazy because I didn't get queued or anything.


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The full BMW drop is Friday I think. Looks to be a bug clothing campaign.

I'm not a beamer guy so pass but good luck to those looking to cop.
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Not for me but this is pretty damn big for the brand. Good foe them.

Yeh, I can't imagine a lot of people dropping that kind of money on a car purely due to KITH, but I'm sure they'll sell a few. Personally, would rather go the Tesla route and have a lot leftover. $69,420.
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That's a hell of a premium for just the addition of KITH branding. But how much different is it from his sneakers? Same idea. Just more branding.
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