Rumour bout Da Zone...

Dec 4, 2006
hey NT, okay i trust da zone to the max, and i know their stuff is legit, but my friend told me that he "heard'' that their black spizikes were fake because they had something different than the ones that were selling at goodfoot... can someone shed some light on this? he didnt refer what part of the back... da zone is one of the best stores in toronto, and they have a great rep, i dont see why they would ruin it like this... thanks!
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I hope its not true.. If it is, thats a tough pill to swallow.. pause

I doubt it tho.. Da Zone has never really dealt with fakes and although when dealing with consignment, anyone can get caught off guard with a fake here or there.. Im pretty sure they didnt have a bunch of fake Spizikes..

Im sure someone bought them and can confirm that they are infact real... pics anyone?
keep in mind they are under new management now so anything is possible
my suggestion is stick witht he big names gdft, vintagekicks, iss etc when looking for black spikes
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EzInbox or
Da Zone is not the same but then again change in the shoe game is always good
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Im skeptical bout this rumour.

i know a few of the dudes down there, i doubt they get fooled or risk dealing with fakes.

just my opnion
^^^ same, i know a guy down there too and he knows his J's, did anyone purchase the spizikes from there?
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To ALL NT menbers

Since its opening in July 2003, Da Zone has strived to offer consumers products that arent offered to most accounts in the city. Da Zone GUARANTEES and I mean GUARANTEES that all of its products are 100% AUTHENTIC, direct from NIKE, ADIDAS etc. If you as a customer have any questiona about our products we will GLADLY refer you to our direct supplier for assurance that ALL of our products are AUTHENTIC. All of these rumours are jealous competitors/cowards who have too much time on their hands to use this wonderful site for propaganda


DA ZONE management
I doubt that Da Zone's products that they get from the vendors (NE, Nike, Adidas, Evisu, etc.) are fakes...I 've never seen any fake products in the store when I'm in there.

As far as consignment, even the best of collectors and stores sometimes get duped and are given fakes or sometimes overlook tiny details that would give it away.

I'm sure Da Zone wouldn't forfeit their reputation and accounts with these companies by selling fakes on purpose, Da Zone has a strong support collective and customer base that probably would point that out.​

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