S&T: What are the best supplements out there for working out??

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I know there is an official workout thread somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. So, let me ask you guys. What's the best Protein and Creatine products out right now thats working for you guys??? Im back to my working out days and it's been a while since I've worked out.

Last time I checked, Isopure and NO-Xplode were the popular choices out. Has anything changed since??

BTW, I'm trying to slim down a little. I'm very happy with my frame right now, but I would like to add a tad bit more muscle, but get rid of the pudgy fat. Any advice guys?
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This can help you:

Personally I'm currently taking SizeOn for my AM workouts. Nice little buzz and it works fine. You do NOT need to take anything though to get gains.

To help get rid of fat you gotta focus on your diet. Also try and mix in cardio, i.e. get more active. Then work into harder cardio.
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when i did use creatine i used a creatine ethly ester
isopure is good but expensive.

and cardio will help
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