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Quote:[hr][/hr]Sam Ashaolu is one of the five Duquesne basketball players who were injured in a shooting outside a University dormitory on Sunday September 17th. Ashalou was seriously wounded, receiving a bullet that shattered into 3 sections in his head and another bullet at the back of his neck. The 23 year old student, a native of Toronto, has been upgraded from critical to serious condition and remains hospitalized.[hr][/hr]

I think everyone should go out and support the Ashaolu family. Its also a great chance to go and see some of the talent thats around the GTA.

It's a shame that I won't be able to make it, I will be in the states for another event this weekend. If anyone is going would be able to get me one of the t-shirts available please PM me and let me know. Thanks.

Anyone that works in any stores that are carrying 'the shoes' for SATURDAY THE 16th at Walden Galleria in Buffalo, PM ME. peace
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i got an exam that day so i wont be able to make it
but ill give this a bump since it's a real worthy cause.

its a shame that this happened to him, but i really hope he makes a succesful recovery
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Theres some real talent at this tourney, i will probably check it out on saturday for the dunk off and to watch the texas school play
Olu Ashaolu (Sams brother) and Junior Cadougan are both from Toronto but play on the texas team, they are both ranked top 5 in their respective classes and are being recruited heavily by UNC and other schools. Junior is :pimp:
, practically unguardable, and dude is only a sophmore, and olu is supposed to be the Lebron of Canada :nerd:

other nice players in the tourney are:
DJ(Taps) will be playing for LSU next year
Marvell will be playinf for Loyola (D1) next year
Deandre Jordans (Texas) will be playing for Texas A&M (i heard this cat is flatout sick)

so yea there is some real talent, and its definately worth checking out
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I don't want to sound like a hater, but LBJ of Canada doesn't mean much. Was it not Denham Brown who scored 100 pts against RH King!? He was SO close to hitting the pull up 3 after hitting that reverse lay-up.
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I saw something on TV about this yesterday, can't remember which sports channel though. Sam is rapidly recovering and hopes to play D1 Basketball next year.

He has a bit of a speech impediment, not sure if thats from the shooting. Physically he looks alot skinnier, but he was stressing that he's in the gym constantly.

Hope he can get back to that level, he was a talent.
yes it pains me to see them need this. all of their lost souls and im their jesus
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