San Diego rep your high school!!!!

Jul 21, 2007
lincoln high
the hive is alive
That school looks niiiiiiiiiiiiice. Hopefully it turns around that community.

Anyways, I went to Mark Twain HS. Holla
sirius black
Point Loma

Class of '07.

I didn't have too much fun in high school, i'm just glad i'm done.
SD...The only place for me.

WTB: Vans Mr. Cartoon Authentics. 11-12
eastlake 07. the class that didnt give a @#%$ about school, just partying.
Boycott Reggaeton
RawSheed the school is definatly nice every thing brand new
the football field is dpoe
5thELEMENT5eK: hahaha yeah ive been too lazy to change it. that @#%$ knocks in the club and at parties so i cant hate anymore. hahahaha
Boycott Reggaeton
FITTED n LACED please homie your just mad because i didn't kick it with you
LPC = SDtechnique_NT (10933)
Mira Mesa High School class of 98

"Kobe is in a no win situation, he's in hoops purgatory."- Scoop Jackson were a loner son...u kicked it with the seagulls...youre the one that buys the pan size pizza hut at school and then feed it to the birds...pigeon man word to hey arnold...taking seagulls out for lunch :smh:
clocking in at 9 clocking out at 5
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