Sarah Palin's Alaska.

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They are paying this women 1 Million dollars an episode, for an 8 episode reality show filmed around Alaska.
Alaskans truly despise this woman.

[h1]Discovery makes it official: "Sarah Palin's Alaska" to TLC[/h1]

Silver Spring, Md.-based TLC may be losing America's Most Put Upon Mother Kate Gosselin to the broader palette of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," but it has gained Sarah Paiin!

The network on Thursday confirmed this TV season's worst kept secret: it has acquired global rights to the eight-episode "Sarah Palin's Alaska," which they want you to know is only a working title.

But, unlike previous reports that said the former governor of Alaska would host a travelogue about the 49th state, TLC has revealed the show is "about the remarkable Governor Palin" -- and her home state of Alaska.

"Discovery Communications is so excited to help Sarah Palin tell the story of Alaska," said Discovery Communications Chief Operating Officer Peter Ligouri who, before this gig was, most recently, the champion of Fox's animated series "Famiy Guy" in his capacity as head of Fox Entertainment.

"Family Guy," you'll recall, is the animated Seth MacFarlane series in which a teenage girl who has Down Syndrome told her date she is the daughter of a former governor of Alaska, causing Palin to go on the war path against "Fox Hollywood," saying the show had slammed of her little son Trig, who also has Down Syndrome, and that it was just the latest "kick in the gut" against her, adding on her Facebook page that it "begs the question, 'When is enough enough?'"

Small world, isn't it?

The new Palin show is being executive produced by Mark Burnett, who produces Hollywood star-struck MTV Movie Awards, and executive produces the Hollywood-celebrity-studded "Apprentice," as well as "Survivor."

Only time will tell whether doing this new series will put at further risk Palin's anti-Hollywood cred. The announcement comes nearly one month to the day after it was announced Palin's daughter Bristol was heading off to become one of those Hollywood types with whom Palin has so many issues. Bristol will make her acting debut this summer on ABC Family's teener drama "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" which is produced by Hollywood mega-conglomerate Disney and which gives the Hollywood treatment to the issue of teen pregnancy.

"Our family enjoys Discovery's networks," Palin said in Thursday's announcement, adding that she is looking forward to bringing "the wonder and majesty of Alaska to all Americans."

In its announcement, Discovery did not say when Palin's show would debut -- just that it would on its TLC network, which is also home to such programs as the tattoo-parlor reality series "LA Ink," "Addicted," "19 Kids & Counting," "Hoarding: Buried Alive," "Cake Boss," "Little People, Big World," and "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant."
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They are paying this women 1 Million dollars an episode, for an 8 episode reality show filmed around Alaska.
Ha and I can't even find a job. 

More power to her.
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Originally Posted by smoke ya later

besides the point, what is up with all of the midget shows lately. they have like 5 or 6 now
Yea i saw the little people big world and another one with a i guess young little people couple.

My mom use to watch the one with the family all the time. I think she watched it for the lulz
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What???? Get outta here HOVKid. Palin actually has a body reminiscent of someone who hasn't been doing coke and eating cottage since they were 12, you don't want that.
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Originally Posted by marionthebarberian

sarah palin is

She's the whackest woman alive right now...she basically tricked probably doesn't really make sense...
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