SAT's (experienced ones and those taking it soon please swing through)

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Just out of curiosity, Is anybody else taking it? Anybody feel ready?

Oh yea and for those who have taken it during the 2400 era, how was it?

I've been taking practice test for about 5weeks, I think im up for it
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The essay is pointless. Thank God colleges didn't count it because it was first time it was administered.
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Originally Posted by Lazy B

The essay is pointless. Thank God colleges didn't count it because it was first time it was administered.
I Think it's completely pointless after taking the practice exams, and I write my behind off and I keep getting 6/12's
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i went in not studying or anything and got a 1350
8 on my essay but i going to take them again cause i know i can do better
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9 on my essay.

I got a 1680 with all my best scores put together.

My GPA is a 2.6 btw

If there's any question where you can't eliminate one answer, just skip it and come backif you have time.
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this is what my English teacher told us when we were taking the SAT:

the essay is not hard... they don't even read it, they just quickly glance over it to see if you know what you're talking about.

the easiest way to get a high grade is to sound like you know what you're talking about... write a killer opening statement and they won't even readthe rest. and drop a couple examples from books you read in class or stuff you learned in school... for example, "___ bears strong similarities toFitzgerald's character Nick Carraway in 'The Great Gatsby'." even if the example doesn't make sense, just say it... it'll make youlook well read

i did all that stuff above and got 12/12 on the essay on my first try.. and 79/80 on the multiple choice (yet that was only a 760 somehow???)
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Everytime theres a SAT post every NTer seems to have 2000+ on their SAT.

I took it twice without studying and got 1580 both times. Only tip i have is to make sure your mind doesnt wander and you stay focused. Messed me up on myfirst essay cause i didnt have enough time to finish. Average SAT score is 1500, you can get into alot of good schools off just a nice SAT score so make sureyou study alot and take it seriously. Get alot of sleep too. Oh and send in your scores and admissions as soon as possible, more chance of getting in.
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Never took the SAT's, but got 3 bad scores on all my ACT's.

My results:


Highest you can get is a 36.

at me.
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I tutor SAT on the are some tips that I use that helped my kids improve:

- For long reading comprehension, make sure you know the main idea and the tone. If you haven't figured it out by the end of the first paragraph, you need to re-read.
- The questions are always the same: Main idea, inferential, vocabulary, and one question that ties to each paragraph. Match the question with the paragraph and you're set.
- The answers can be found IN the passage. If you can't find your answer IN the passage, YOU'RE WRONG.
- Shorter reading comprehension is actually a bit harder. Again, the answers are IN the passage. When answering questions like "the author's attitude is most likely..." look for KEY WORDS to justify your answer.
- Sentence completions are easy if you know how to approach them. Obviously nobody can know ALL the words. Sometimes you need to make the best educated guess. Ask yourself "do I need a positive, negative, or neutral word?" and go from there. Don't try to fill both blanks at once; the moment you know should fit, eliminate choices that go against your logic.
- The answer is usually explicitly stated in the sentence. Watch for "detour" words, like despite, although, furthermore, however, blah blah because these words will most likely determine your answer.
- If you don't know the vocabulary word, you can't cross it out. Only cross out words you KNOW don't fit.

- The writing section is repeated OVER AND OVER again. The same types of questions come up. Matching the action with the subject, singular/plural, consistency in verb tense, diction, possessives, etc.
- Practice enough sections and you'll start to notice routines.

- Take the easy way out: for questions with variables that seem to hard to do, plug in one of the choices and go for it.
- Don't rely on the calculator. Remember, calculators are OPTIONAL, so everything can be done without it.
- For the free-answers, DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING BLANK. You don't get penalized for wrong answers.
- The math section has a lot of triangle related stuff...practice hypotenuse-related questions (lengths of diagonals of cubes)
- The math section has a lot of circle related stuff...practice stuff with radii, radians, circumference, area, and so on.

You've heard the "you can't study for the SAT" claims, which is kinda true, but you CAN practice for it. Don't sit on your butt and expect everything to turn out for the best...PRACTICE as much as you can. A section should take more than 25 minutes. I'm not too big on cheating. Would you really want someone else's performance determining your collegiate career?

I took the SAT in January and got a 2180. I forgot who posted this in another SAT thread before the January one but I thought it was reallyhelpful.
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make sure you understand that you should NEVER skip any question that you can eliminate even one answer. i did terribly on mine because i went to a dance thenight before
(1260 verbal/math + 700 sat2writing so 1960 in the newone)
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dudes on NT is geniuses

i got a 1750 with all top scores put together

dont stress it man.. its not a big deal

i took kaplan SAT prep courses and i dont even think it mattered
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Originally Posted by Nktran001

Never took the SAT's, but got 3 bad scores on all my ACT's.

My results:


Highest you can get is a 36.

at me.
Damn that might not cut it for college...U might wanna retake that if your a junior
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okay i know some people on NT are lying about their SAT scores.
i got a 700 in match which was better than like 90% of the nation.
and a 580 in verbal which was like average in the 50th percentile.

it seems like EVERYONE on NT got like at least a 1300.

oh and straight up if you don't score well on the SAT's don't sweat it and try the ACT's which i liked 100x better. the ACT's were moreknowledge based questions testing what you know about the subjects. the SAT's is logical and can trick even the most intelligent.
i got a 29 on my ACT's btw.
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i used to teach an SAT prep course.

the main thing i would tell you is that the questions are arranged in order of difficulty - easy to hard. and yet they're all worth the same number ofpoints.

make your layups. don't sweat the hard ones too much.

towards the beginning of a section, the obvious answers will probably be right. towards the end of a section, the obvious ones would be trick answers.
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I don't know what to say.

I have taken it 2 times I think and took a prep course that didn't help me that much, but helped because I was able to see a lot of sample questions so Iknew what to expect on the test.

First time I took it fresh off of the prep course I pulled a 1990. I thought that was the best I would do and didn't really plan on taking it again, but Idecided to try again October of Senior Year. I pulled a 2150 after no studying or looking at a book the entire summer.

The essay is !!%*+$@! though. In my prep class we were told take a side and just use examples that show that, 3 is good. I used a fake personal one and then ahistorical and a literary example. Including one from The Great Gatsby
. I kept getting 11's and 12's in my prep class where we would take practicetests like once evry 3 weeks. On the actual test though I got 8's both times.

Then I took the ACT in December for the hell of it because I thought why not. I hadn't looked at 1 ACT question or test and pulled a 33, which is justslightly better than the 2150. I really think it ended up getting me into college
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Originally Posted by MetroKid26

Just out of curiosity, Is anybody else taking it? Anybody feel ready?

Oh yea and for those who have taken it during the 2400 era, how was it?

I've been taking practice test for about 5weeks, I think im up for it
Math 800
Reading 710
Writing 660

and I got a 34 on the ACT. Never studied and took them both once

All you gotta do is pace yourself, dont EVER slow down, its like a 4 hour mental sprint, keep that in mind
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