Say word !#$* Cheney survived 5 heart attacks?

Joined Jan 10, 2010
Cheney is warrior.

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please don't involve me with the political nonsense.
Joined Feb 5, 2009
5 H.A.'s AND blasted his partner in the grill with the Elmer Fudd and got off!This guy is untouchable!
Joined Oct 9, 2008
Originally Posted by CaBron James 23

the next Chuck Norris... Cheney attacks his heart, his heart doesnt attack him

That's amazing though. Wonder what he's gonna owe the Devil when his time is up.
Joined Jan 20, 2002
5 'tacks couldnt' drop me
i took it and smiled
now i'm back to set the record straight
with my a.k. i'm still the thug that you love to hate
mf i'll hit 'em up
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