Say word this is how ATL Night Spots really look like?

Joined Apr 15, 2009
dude that was just pic overload.

i actually hit "end" key to scroll to the bottom to type this

but there is some heat in there
Joined Sep 16, 2003

Im curious..theres suppose to be a lot more women in atl than guys..does this stand true in the clubs?
Joined Sep 2, 2009
You froze my iPhone with all those damn pictures.

But anyway Miami club women>>>ATL club women. There's more diversity and diffrent styles done here.
Joined Jun 18, 2005
My boy went to college in atl and said there were so many chicks there but they were all fake and boogie. He then came back to nyc where he moved to the bx to be closer to his former girlfriend. He now suffers from depression...(and now I know why)
Joined Dec 13, 2003
Nice chicks in there. What are some the spots they are at? And is BowWow wearing a polo sweat outfit in the club?
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