SCAMMED: iss- kamikazebomba

Joined Aug 5, 2007
For anyone who visits the other site this dude is a f-n fraud.

Dude played me and others for "his" size 10 Bruce Lee Kobe Vs for 170.
I was stupid for sending the money as a gift, and paypal is investigating but my bank cant do sh--
The hell am I going to do now other than wait for paypal. if any of ya'll nt detectives can help me out please do

yes i know i'm going to get some hate for this or some jokes but really, 170 down the drain, help a brother out.
i take responsibility for being stupid but yeah, we all make mistakes.

His name is mason masuda, email:
he'll ask you to send as a gift to avoid PP fees asap, then once sent he doesn't respond to anything

any help would be appreciated thanks. and yall can flame me, i'm ready but really any help appreciated
Joined Aug 5, 2007
guess i should just wait 2-3 pages until i get help
i think that aint even dude just a picture of someone
he posted a facebook and don't really look like him
Joined Sep 17, 2005
Originally Posted by spsfinest212


sucks for you.
Since when is 9 lines of text too long?

I've seen similar dudes even on the NT B/S forum asking for "gifts" to avoid paypal fees. I hope you put in a description of what you were doing in the pay pal payment. if you didn't then it might be RIP for you.

NEVER do deals with people who want to circumvent the paypal fees.
Joined Jan 22, 2007
I seen that listing, and i figured it was shady. Guy selling them for that cheap especially on that site is fishy.
Joined Jan 13, 2009
dude its over paypal doesnt care and there isnt jack paypal can even do if u sent it as a gift, the gift option is there to send money as "GIFTS" u dont take back gifts and thats how paypal sees it
Joined Aug 5, 2007
well when he made that posting he was posted in memphis, now he's in spokane?
i live in oregon, right now eugene, but back up in hillsboro when its not school
Joined Apr 11, 2010
That reminds me of the first time I used ISS forums. I bought some dunks and the seller wanted me to send the money to him as a gift. After I sent the money, the seller stopped responding for a week. I thought my money (100) had disappeared. I also learned that paypal wont do anything because I sent it as a gift. It is in violation of their TOS. However, the seller came though and a week later sent the shoes. I learned my lesson that time, and will never buy anything online gifting anything though Paypal.
Joined May 13, 2008
Rules specifically state that any purchases made outside of NT pertaining to forum based purchases.

iss you said
Joined Apr 2, 2004
can we stop helping people if they get scammed in ISS?

take your ISS issues over there since they always BOASTED about having a better B/S system.
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