School Me on Lebron 2 colorways....

Jan 6, 2005
i know there are the gr black/ reds and blue/ greys

are there more GRs?

any other anythings?
white/navy was the third GR

then you have the limited stuff like the SVSM and many others. I don't know those on the top of my head, someone else might be able to bring more info
Here are some pics,
(Note: The white/Red with dragon stitch is fake. Bought them on Ebay. Lucky I was ably to get my $$$ back)

Lebron II Limited Birthday Editions.

Here are some Oregon Limited Releases
These Pics belong to DIGITAL Jordan (pics are only for reference).
Please do not use for any other intent.


Then there's a bunch of other limited releases that I don't have pics for.
White/Pink Limited (for Lebron's mom)
Wht/Green; Green/Wht SVSM High School Limited
White/Red "Chamber of Fear" Limited (Lebron wore in rookie VS Sophmore game)
White/Blue/Green Limited
All Black "Evil Lebrons" Limited (similar to B-Days except there's a Dragon stitched on strap)

There might be a few more sample colors also, but I don't have any info for those.
Hope that was adequate schooling for you. :D
damn Lebron IIs are meeeeeean

I know they'll maybe release these colorways one day but I wish we didnt have to wait so damn long
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White/Blue/Green Limited

Or were these customs that were made for the COF events like the FLOM's?

more unreleased colorways

Black/Gum sole

and was there a Brown/Gum pair?
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pretty much covered them all , What about the ones that dude customized with the cleveland maps :pimp:

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Figured I'd post a few of mine. The hardwood classic ones have his number 23 embossed on the outer ankle. There were VERY few of these turned out, especially in other sizes. The SVSMs are just cool. All are size 9.5, and will never be for sale, so don't bother asking.



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