School me on netbooks.

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I've been looking at laptops and liked the form-factor of a netbook. I already have a solid pc so i dont really need a fullsize laptop.

So What are some good brands to look at at? Any info I should know? or good deals? thanks nt.
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i was considering one, too.

just didnt know if i should go with the sdd or hhd drives.
sdd runs better, more pricey, has less space. while hdd has more space and is a lot cheaper.
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Don't do it, they're a complete waste. If you want to do any more than go online with it it just isn't worth it.
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I got the wifey an Acer Aspire One with the SSD drive, and tbh it's a waste. Now I need to get her an external HD because she has a lot of files and 8GB just doesn't cut it.

If you have big hands (I don't even have big hands myself) + used to fast machines = forget it. It's really for light usage.
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A friend of mine just picked up an eMachines notebook for $300+tax at WalMart. You might want to look into that as an alternative.

Don't buy an eMachines anything, ever, unless you desperately need something at that second and have a very small amount of money. Also, pray you will have money in about a year if you make the purchase, since that's about how long your new eMachines laptop/desktop will last.


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i always thought they were a waste of money...but then again i don't own one and like to use my laptop as a desktop as well.
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im selling my msi wind u100 for $200...comes with Snow Leopard10.6.2. Will post the e-bay link shortly. 
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Don't be Cheap and get some bargain Netbook, those tend to fail quicker within less than 6 mnths to a year.

I'll advise you to get this Asus brand Netbook, its the best one in the market and is selling like hot cakes cause its really the only Netbook with Atom 330 quad Hyper-threading others ones are just duo's Atom 450. Its 12' inches, Full version of windows 7 32-bit, not no lame windows 7 starter that all Netbook carries. 2GB of which you can upgrade to 4gb and 8gb if you install windows 7 64-bit. Nvidia graphics card for HD video and Light gaming, and Hdmi.

Spend that good money, and you'll be satisfied for what you bought.
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I got this and I love it. Upgraded it to 2gb of ram and $360 for a better machine than my old laptop in the size of a netbook. Plus the 7 hours of battery is
  (the 9hour is on the most basic of settings)
I did a lot of research in it though.  It may not be the best for you but I'm extremely happy with a $300 netbook with a full keyboard
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