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Feb 27, 2007
I've been in the sneaker game for a few years now, but never was a hat person. Now that I'll be moving back home to NYC, I've gotten interested in starting up New Era fitteds and other hats(fedoras maybe) for my wardrobe.
ed. Thanks in advance.

>>>How do you store/keep New Eras (besides just a flat shelf)?

^Sneaker Heads/Collectors: you know that if you have a large shoe collection, you're probably gonna wear a specific pair only a few times a month. so if you have a New Era hat for just 1 outfit/pair of kicks, whats a good way to put it away without deshaping/dirtying it?

>>>Ways to wear or not wear New Eras / hats?

>>>Always keep the gold sticker on New Eras? or only if you're trying to be flashy/blinged out?

>>>Good way to clean New Eras / hats?

>>>Good websites to get nice new eras? Good stores in the NYC area to get new eras?

Any other info/pics would be cool. Show off your hat collection, or outfits with your New Eras/hats.

Thanks guys
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i store my fitteds in my closet...but ive seen people store them in cupboards.

how do you wear a hat...last time i answered this sarcastically to my friends cousin and she didnt take it too here put it on your head. just wear it how you see fits...whether the brims low..or with the TI tip to the side...

i dont keep the gold sticker on my fitted...i think its really tacky..but if its an MLB authentic..then i keep the authentic sticker under the brim

dont ever hand wash or dry clean these thigns...i killed 4 of my fitteds this way....i say just take it to the shoe cleaner people inside the malls...but if you do hand wash...wear it on your head while it it keeps the shape

where to buy it so on.

i've heard alot about pegasus and cap city..but i dont know where they are so...

hope i somewhat helped...
-I usually just keep my fitteds on a shelf nothing too special

-I just wear my fitted straight (doesn't look good on me backwards) or if I'm relaxing any way that feels comfortable

-Never kept the sticker on looks so stupid what looks even more stupid is those that keep the price stickers on too.

-I usually just squirt a little water and hand soap and scrub it a little and let it dry on my head or something shaped like my head.

-as far as wear to buy check out the sneaker showcase forum and that huge fitted post is always on the front page. I usually go to the sites listed above or if I want some other types (not sports teams) I go to
fittedhawaii (they ship most of their stuff)
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I can't seem to find any places online that sells new eras for a good you guys have any websites?
i keep my fitteds on a shelf, theyre nto that special, on a non-black fitted i take the sticker off, there will be a mark later when it falls off haha, and i just rock it forward or backward, none of this tilting haha
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Yes, they make tons of fake New Eras.

eBay is flooded with them.

Go to the showcase forum and look for the "Post Your Fitteds" thread. Sift through that and find the websites/stores if you really want them. If you are headed to NY, you'll be right in the heart of some of the top fitted shops in the world.


i used to have my fitteds hanging from my wall till it started leaving stains on my white walls plue that kind of left a perment dent on one side of my hat because they were just hanging there by a nail i hammered into the wall. now im a manager at Lids, so i snatched up a NEW ERA box out of shippment and store my hats in there, folded like how they are stored in the stores...i don't leave the sticker on top of my hat anymore, haven't in a while, that gotten so wack now, i put it under my brim, i noticed also that if you leave the sticker on for a while, sometimes from normal wear, the stickers tend to come off a lil, and when they do come off, you got this circle on top of your brim, cuz the rest of the brim isn't as clean from you touching it all the time, so the sticker would cover the clean part therefor leaving a mark when it does come off. theres plenty of spots to cop fitteds. depends on what kind of kicks you got that you wanna match your hat with, just google fitted hats, you'll find a bunch of sites, but like Baby Dill said, they do make alot of fake fitteds, i had some dudes try to return some fake hats to my store, ....thats why i don't by nothing off the net unless its a legitament business im getting them from, other than that, i rather see in person what im buying, ya dig?
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Thank you guys for all of the info you've put up so far. I really appretiate it and welcome anyone else to add some input.
WANTED: >Nike Air Raid [Black-White-V.Red]-sz 12...
>Nike Air Classic SB [New Emerald-Desert Clay]-sz 11.5...
>Nike Team Edition SB "Barcelona" [Magnet-Celery]-sz 12...
^^^i concur...but i can't stand flat bills either...i HATE that crap!!!
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I'm disappointed that New Era outsourced the production of their caps. When I buy a New Era cap, I always knew that it was made in the USA. But now, I feel that if it isn't made in the USA, it's inferior quality.

Imagine my surprise when I bought a Blue Jays city series cap last year in Toronto and it wasn't made in USA, but in China.

My point: to me, real 5950 caps should always be manufactured in USA.

Love New Era Caps Man
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i keep mine in a dresser drawer. if i know its hot or im doing something where i will be sweating a lot then i dont wear a nice one. remove the size sticker its tacky. i dont know how to wash mine, since i wear the ones i have once every month or so maybe less like my shoes. the dry cleaner near where i live said that it all depends on what it is made off. finally new eras all fit differently depending on what it is made out of.
Doesn't anyone roll/curve their bills anymore? I'm old-school and prefer that look/fit... and when did they start with that flat-brim look anyway?
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