..Seattle GOODS------New Era Fitted HELP Highlander

PM/IM me. i'm willing to go asap and i will ship out monday!

Sneakers are not just shoes. they're a kind of art. What shoes should i wear next to break some necks?
does anybody know if goods is open tomorrow? i was planning to go down there to pick myself up a hat
Hella filthy!
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Was there on Friday, was decided whether or not I should pick up a fitted, but decided not to. They are really nice though.
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anyone from around lynnwood wanna pick me up the herringbone one in 7 1/4.. ill drop 50 on it and we can meet at alderwood mall or soemthin.. mail me at milk16@gmail.com thanks
^that's $40 + tax = $43.52 = $7 profit/effort. $3 for gas, $4 for effort. if you make it $65 i'll drop it off at your house.

Sneakers are not just shoes. they're a kind of art. What shoes should i wear next to break some necks?
8's? Cot damn.
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well its not really denim...
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i was thinkin u were talkin about the herringbone one. i sure hope the last one is an 8 cuz those are hard to come by at goods...they never have em
yamakazi18 - done deal :smile: if you find the 7 1/4 let me know and email me yer contact info..

Dunks206 - I know im lazy thats why ill just pay the little extra so i dont have to go seattle :smile:
herringbone looks nice. in the other pic i saw it appeared to be shiny and that was a bad look, but right there that looks dope.
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someone wanna pick up the highlander one for me 7 5/8?
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That new G is dumb.
I like the highlander hat and old G the best.

They also had 2 brand new Manik new era's there when I stopped in today.

Yeah I am with the pimp, I mean I love my Goods fam but the new G is not as slick to me. The herringbone hat just looks like a Homestead Grays hat. Currently Ebbets is only carrying the black 1937 hat but they used to make it in heather grey with no striping and it looked just like the Goods joint. In any case thanks pimp for the help, I'll see you Thursday.

BUT of course the highlander is already purchased.
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