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From what I remember, I enjoyed it. D i c k's Deluxe FTW!
Like what others have said, nothing spectacular... standard stuff, but it's good and it was cheap. A Seattle icon!

Speaking of burgers, is Red Mill still there and is it still good? I used to go to the one in Ballard back in the day. Tasty.
Haven’t been to Red Mill in a bit but it’s still around. I work downtown so there’s tons of burger joints. I like the 8 oz chains, Zippy’s, and appreciate D1ck’s occasionally. Chicken sandwich game up here is good though with Ma’ono, Bok A Bok, and even Sisters & Brothers Nashville chicken.


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Need to try sister & brothers again, really enjoyed it.

Never had Bok a Bok yet doe, probably the last person to try it too especially after their Triple D feature
Joined Oct 25, 2006
Need to try sister & brothers again, really enjoyed it.

Never had Bok a Bok yet doe, probably the last person to try it too especially after their Triple D feature
There’s the original location in White Center and the smaller one in Cap Hill, which offers a happy hour with great deals via the bar next door. I’d recommend the bowl of shame, kimchee mac and cheese, and chicken sandwich.

It gets packed during lunch hours, at the Cap Hill location at least, but should be no fuss the rest of the day. If you book a room downtown, I’d say just have Caviar deliver it haha!

The M’s may actually drag me out to the ballpark two times within the next week or so, love your young bucks. A lot of people have Lewis as the 3rd ranked outfield prospect with Kelenic and Julio Rodriguez coming within the next year or two, so that Seattle outfield will be nasty. What do you guys think will happen with Haniger? I know my Dodgers could use a right-hand bat that offers solid defense, so I wouldn’t mind LA sending some arms to Seattle. Still kind of owe y’all for Chris Taylor...
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Good Lord, if they ever released those 1s in that colorway, even without Ichiro's logo, it would be a wrap. Need KyLew as a Jordan athlete to go ahead and make that call....
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Yo that was rough, fam. Can’t imagine how y’all feel. When he hugged Seager even I got kind of choked up, dudes is really the last ones left.

When Kershaw’s day come in Dodger Stadium I’m going to need a box of Kleenex by my side.
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That was awesome to experience that just now live in the stadium. Not even a mariners fan and that had me in my feels.

Félix a legend
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Having a front row view of Felix last warm up session and walk in definitely ranks high on my all time list. Incredible experience tonight that I know a lot of people will regret missing.



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Huge end of an era with Felix throwing his last game for the M's. Will be strange with him on another team next season, wish him all the best though and hope he gets a chance on a contender even if he's the 5th guy in rotation or even a reliever.

Was just reading this article: https://fansided.com/2019/09/27/felix-hernandez-hall-of-fame-case/
Some of the stats are mind blowing, like "Felix Hernandez has 118 career non-win quality starts – one more than Warren Spahn had in his career. He is 0-42 with a 2.19 ERA in those 118 games started."

I think he'll eventually get in the hall but he likely has to wait a few years after eligibility.


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Had great seats for Felix’s last start and also made it Friday night to see Justus pitch as well.
Had a great time in the city, saw a lot of cool stuff and ate a lot of good food. cant wait to go back eventually
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