seattle NTers. GOODS inquiry/help please?

Apr 21, 2007
i was just skimming through, and came across this:

that was in the archives, earlier this summer.

so im wondering, do they still have it or is it long gone?

if not, can someone pick one up for me? i can pay you extra, or we can trade for a huf hat?

i had a hookup before from seattle that helped me with a highlander fitted, and you spoke with my GF, i forgot the name, but if you still remember, can you or someone else help me out again? greatly appreciated.

or does someone have one and is willing to sell?

please let me know, i dont have any fitteds (except the one huf im selling that is tweed also), and would love to use this one

i havent seen that hat in the store but i probably wasnt looking hard. im going down there today and i will check if they have it. if they still have it, what size did you want?
Team Pacific Northwest
That hat came out at GOODS in the spring or right around that time sold out though im almost 100% sure. They do have other fitteds that are pretty clean too if you check the onlne store...
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