Seattle Premium, North Bond, Oregon Outlet reports?

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outlet mall has 95's for $89.99 and not too many pennys left just got new shipment of dunks for 40 including sheepskin lol but yeah i work there, there isn't too much that we have gotten that is worth coping yet
im not making any promises but my manager said that we should be getting some better jordans within the next couple of weeks, we also got new jordan warmups in the bulls colorway
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North bend doesnt have much right now other then some low top dunks and some air max 360 basketball shoes
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I just went to the Nike Outlet in Marysville (by the casino) and they had a ton of Jordan clothing...Shimmer shorts, a couple of Jordan Melo stuff, but no Lebrone clothing. They had the LBJ IV in all black, and black/red colorways for $89.99. For all you large guys out there, they had some sick Jordan stuff that were 3XL and 4XL. Also they had the AF25 not sure if they were the Supremes or the Premiums. OK that is all I can remember :D
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North Bend as of yesterday had one pair of Lebron IV birthday's in size 12.5 on the hash wall for 89.99. Not the birthday box as far as I could tell. Just a black box with the lid ripped off.
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went to northbend last weekend forgot to post but there were nice samples for 39.99 like some delta forces, 3.0, which i bought, and some 6.0 shoes, i dont know which one.

they also had the presto IDs full size run but only in black/blue, i didnt see many blk/maroon prestos
one piece dunks sz 7 though
dunk low with the goat leather or sumthing with that weird hemp shoe laces. goretex i think
there was the Dream Team t shirts with Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, and Jordan, i picked up the last jordan though
navy/white AM90s
those Boat Dunks with plenty of 7.5s. i picked up the last 8.5
a few 360 basketball shoes
blk/red 6.0 dunks sz 12-13
white/pink wmns AM90

and thats about it for Nike,
but i picked up a couple of jeans for 6.99 each with a few graphic tees for 5bucks

The Adidas store didnt have anything Shoe wise except for these brown woven superstars but i wanted the white woven superstars they had awhile back.....They also had really really nice track jackes for about 15-25 bucks. i picked up the puerto rico track jacket for 17bucks

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^ i didnt see any Penny ones at marysville, they only had a few of the penny IVs on the wall, no b loyals either
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^ Thanks for the info! I appreciate it. Did you also happen to notice any Free Trainer 7.0's?
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there were a few black/grey 7.0s on the back shelves aswell. i saw a sz 8.5 i think. they also had sample 3.0s north bend had
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^ Cool, thanks a lot. I think I'm gonna head out there sometime this week.
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Seattle Premium

All Black Lebrons IV - FSR

It had Some of the New Six Air Force One Pack
i Saw Carters and Sheeds and Pakers.....................
Lot of sizes for 130
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same, im heading down this weekend to seattle premium outlet and downtown area. Which spots should I hit up?
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going on a trip to Portland ,Oregon area.....anything good at the nike factory store in portland..and woodburn outlet??

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if youre coming from canada, you might wanna try the Marysville and Centralia outlets on your way down
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