Nov 17, 2001
for you seattle guy's, thanks to jcdijordanz in the wallpaper thread in the general forum, he posted a wallpaper of the seattle skyline...currently my desktop...just thought i'd share


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i got this pic from that wallpaper thread and have it as my desktop background as well. :pimp:
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about to use this as my myspace background...I love these kinda pics
Just look at it as 30 more pounds of awesomeness
seems a little unreal...the f-stops must be pretty high to get such sharp focusing at infinite AND the close guardrail...especially at night. but very nice photo, even if it's a little photoshopped!

Team Pacific Northwest​
i would say the only thing missing is the space needle...somebody here with photoshop skills should photoshop it in
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vwey nice, Yamakazi has a really nice one too that he took from Gasworks.
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Love the background, how did you get it to stay though I tried adding it but the colors are soo dark you cant see any of comments should change your comment font to white, or red, if you google "myspace tips" it will show you how to do it, since i don't know

yamakazi, can you post the wallpaper you had? i'll update the thread to reflect's schools btw?

yes it's the Jose Rizal bridge markymark25, good stuff
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I drove all around Seattle with some friends yesterday. We hit up about three beautiful angles of the city.
Really though, I'm just here to boost my post count.
wow. gorgeous pic! good lookin' out, viet. :tongue:

damn, i still can't believe i'm going back there -- ooh! can grad students join sayaw? :lol:
LOVEYOU want them..
not because everyone else does.."
damn dog i miss seattle, i cant be seeing these pictures cuz i get homesick
Team Pacific Northwest​

we got experienced members of the street. hallelujah holla back​
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