Seinfeld Vs. The Office Vol. Kramer/Michael Scott

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I am a big fan of the Office. i seen just about every episode and i have been recently watching seinfeld more often.

both shows give me their laffs especially with kramer and michael scott.
my question is who do you guys think is funnier?

kramer is always up to a scheme and when he falls he just makes it dramatic where michael scott says the most ******ed stuff and he thinks hes right most of the time (ex: when oscar came out about his sexual preference)

my vote is michael scott


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I haven't seen that much of Seinfeld but I have seen every episode of the office multiple times.

So my vote goes to Michael until I see some more Seinfeld.
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It isn't really a fair question because Michael is basically the star of his show, and Kramer plays second and third fiddle to George and Jerry. To answer this question i'd go with Michael Scott because he has more airtime and he is just hilarious. If you were to ask whose funnier between George and Michael, it would be George hands down. "The Contest" episode alone lifts George over the whole Office cast.
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Originally Posted by outbackbob24

Kramer>>>>>>>> Micheal Scott. 
Dwight K. Schrute >>>>>> Micheal Scott.

I am a fan of both but Seinfeld will always be reigning king.

-The Juice
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dont get me wrong im a big fan of the office

but Kramer takes the cake, Cosmo Kramer is one of the funniest characters ever
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Originally Posted by swooshman23

Are you serious? Is there any comparison? I'd take Michael Scott (thats what she said)
This is a serious debate and you are on the wrong side of it.

I love The Office, but Michael Richards' Kramer is genius.
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