September Wrestling Thread 2021

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Don’t have any problem with NXT being pure development. Just get Gargano and Chompa out of there.
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I feel like as soon as McMahon dies and Shane don’t get a controlling role in the company he gon start his own ****…

He seems to have great ideas with the online only ECW or the Raw Underground thing but too many other cooks in the kitchen
Joined May 11, 2017
I mean tbh

The last real stars they made came from scratch using that muscle formula

Orton, Batista, Lesnar, Cena

When they started trying to convert the Indy dudes that’s when they had problems with their “machine” (Punk, Bryan, etc.)

from their perspective it makes all the sense in the world to farm their own muscle dudes who can cut a decent enough promo. They own the names and they are probably ready to do everything WWE’s way with no leverage if they don’t want to cooperate :lol:
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