Seriously- How do you let someone know that their taste in music is TERRIBLE

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I mean, I know music is subjective when it comes to taste, but I cannot let my roommate live on anymore listening to Soulja Boy and Black Eyed Peas. Nearly all of his songs on his iPod are the remixed versions of songs with Lil Wanye in it (dude doesnt even have mixtape wayne, just Jason Mraz I'm Yours Lil Wayne). What really irks me is that he competes with the noise level in my room at all times, even when my laptop is at the absolute lowest of volumes, he will put it higher just to hear his basura playlist, so I might as well try to reform his tastes if he is going to be doing this, right? How would ya'll recommend telling someone that their taste in music is absolutely terrible?

Cliffnotes - my roommate listens to Creed (christian rock band yea?) on the reg, even though he is as jewish as a piece of me change him and others like him
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you dont

that just creates more conflict.

if you dont like his music just tell him to please be courteous and keep it down.


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There is no such thing as good music. Its all subjective.
he's not lying tho
nah... thats some bs... i guess good music is technically anything thats melodically correct... no off notes n %%@!...

theres definitely BAD music tho
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no broad, nor a {()}, dude has been my friend for like 10 years and I constantly tell him to keep it down, but he just keeps on truckin

and there is definitely such thing as bad music, but then again its subjective. one mans mozart is another mans mack maine
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Try to put him on to new music and see what he says...

This can lead into a conversation about music, thus you letting him know your opinion on the music he listens to...
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My suite-mate OD's on Oxycotin and plays Yo Gotti and Wayne- Lemon Lime 17 times a day...
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Just let him do him, but try to slip him some good music every now and then. Like tell him that if he likes _______ he would like  album you like .
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