SF Giants New Era help!?


formerly classicjumpman23
Apr 5, 2003
Hey I'm looking for the SF Giants New Era hat with the 2007 All Start Logo on the left. Is there any shops that still have them? Mainly in the SF area?

giants dugouts are sold out of the allstart logo hats. you might want to try sports city in serramonte, i saw some just yesterday. dugout stores recommended try going to the park to buy them.
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Thanks guys, I'll check it out tomorrow. Much love NT! (NO LANCE)
Just go get a AS Patch and use an IRON. Thats what they did for me at the Fan Fest. They charged $3 to get it done. Im sure those patches are now half off, so you could get any MLB hat and throw one on there.
Just got my sizes at Hat Club Serramonte for 15 each, I think they restock some sizes! FSR I think

Thanks Niketalk!
Just got back for Serra. Only 7 3/4 and 8 left.
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