Shameless official thread Vol. Season 9 (for those who still watch)

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No chance I watch that free preview.

Does anybody know why Californication is not premiering on Sunday as well?
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^^ Same here, I need to kno what happened to Jimmy. No way they off him that easy
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I just started watching this show during the marathon this weekend and I'm hooked on it. I don't think they killed Steve/Jimmy on that boat. My guess is he will probably show up in the future episode's. My dude Lip though stay getting yambs :smokin
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yeah, the unedited is on demand

the sweet little girl Deb is gone, her moody teenager phase is going to be hell
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Does anybody know why Californication is not premiering on Sunday as well?
The reason it's not premiering now (It will be on in April) is because it's the final season and they most likely want to have the show go out with a bang.
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seen most of shameless.. such a shame only the UK version is on netflix. I do not want to watch
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carl with the vaseline :lol:

I think someone predicted Veronica was going to get pregnant so now theyll have 2 kids. I think they should cut off ties with Ian's boyfriend he & his sister add nothing.
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Frank teaching Carl the ways :lol: . Had a feeling V would get pregnant. And I already have bad feelings of what might happen to Debbie :smh:

Season preview clip looks good. Fiona getting arrested :nerd: .
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Yeah, I caught this like Friday or Sat. Okay premiere. I found that I could've easily watched a 2nd hr of it right then and there before things began to escalate. More of Lip in college, more Debbie, more V, more Carl bonding in a weird way with Frank, etc.

I saw V getting preggo a mile away. The next thing will most likely be her mom not wanting to get an abortion and then her stalling will reach the point she can't legally get one, arguments ensue and then maybe she loses it in some accident.

:rofl: @ Carl not using no lubrication.
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