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Jul 15, 2006
basically i'm trying to get my cousin in San Fran to send me 5 pairs of shoes. Ive never shipped anything myself so i wanted to know what the best way is, i am hoping I get it within 5-10 days, so i wanted to know any suggestions with which option to go with
Global Express International via USPS...has online tracking and you get it within 3-5 biz days...

5 pairs...try breaking down the lot into 2 just to avoid "heat" when it gets processed by Customs...

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with or without boxes??without boxes is easier to pass off as old shoes with a value of 10-15 bucks or even no commercial value..if there are boxes well make sure any markings of price are removed and you declare for either a low value..always mark as gift and never mark as personal item because thats almost automatic for customs charge..mind u nothing is ever 100% and everyone has their own different way of doing it oh and by the way to ship one pair of shoes in a normal box costs about 12-15 bucks depending on the shoe via usps priority mail so yah I mail myself shoes all the time when im back in seattle so it does get a bit spendy when youre shipping a bunch of shoes out
^. Agreed. If you don't care about the boxes, get them sent without boxes and maybe in a couple of split packages. Declare the shoes to be very low (around 20ish) and have em marked as GIFT.
Right now, with increased rates your best bet is Priority.

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