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Jan 4, 2001
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k thanks... i got 6 and i was wondering... i applied a varnish for glossy texture? is that good?? thats all i need rite??

thanx man. I hear thats pretty good stuff to use. You mixing it w/ acetone or using it straight? I've seen it done both ways, but i think meth's old guide said to mix everything w/ acetone
am i supposed to mix everything with acetone???!! man... i stripped the previous layer of paint with acetone first and then i applied the paint...

Give props to Cocolo2k for posting the link. I just came across it myself early this morning. Not really anything new but for those who are just starting to paint their shoes its good stuff.

And for the record the paint mixture is pretty good. I've been testing it out for the past few weeks (recently painted some AND1 silky smooths and have been playing ball in 'em to test the durability) and the only thing I'm looking for right now is a better base paint to mix with.
I tried it and I can show pics...my advice is make sure u use masking tape and use thing coats...maybe we should get a post goin about tips
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^^^ Ive tried to get sum tip posts going in the past...so far this is the best one yet

And i'd love to see sum pics of the paint jobs. If you have pics after wearing them thatd be great.
Yeah in order to get real in-depth tips about painting shoes you would need either Meth or KVN themselves and that'll probably never happen.
i just finished painting my AF1... my friend wit a digi-cam is comin up on Friday, so i'll take pics then... post by Saturday...

I talk to sumbody who paints and he says if the paint looks to thick on the shoe then u need to add more acetone...ummm put a little bit of alchohol into it also to make it look smoother...We dont need any of them dudes just keeep the post goin with useful advice
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^ What do you mean by alcohol, just straight up alcohol used for human consumption or some other industrial stuff??

I May Be Getting A Hooters Shirt
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I used sum rubbing alcohol in my mix of paint when i painted my tmacs awhile back. I got sum cheap arcylic paint (deltaceramcoat from walmart), mixed in acetone and a lil rubbing alcohol. The paint becomes flexible and thin, and will dry VERY fast (due to the acetone). It sticks quite nicely and holds up well. I'd make sure you have at least 4 coats of paint

Also, I painted and old pair of tennis shoes w/ this mixture awhile back, and the paint does hold up nicely, especially right where the toe creases.

So far this mixture has worked for alot of people, so i dont understand why other ppl who paint kicks are afraid to share their advice. I mean even if meth told me his secrets, I could never replicate what he does
Yeah the paint does dry pretty quickly but I thought it was because of the rubbing alcohol. I noticed flexibility after applying 2-3 thin coats. You could actually press down pretty hard on the shoe and the paint would actually crease with the shoe. I would also like to note that this paint mixture doesn't really chip but it may tear due to lot of creasing and stress depending on the number of coats. I've experienced this with my silky smooths but keep in mind that I only applied 2 thin coats on those and I actually played ball in 'em. I used cheap Folksart acrylic paint at Wal-Mart as the base paint.
i did a complete different way... guess i read wrong and didn't remember correctly... :\

man... i stripped the first layer of the paint that was on there with Acetone... then i painted the paint normally for about 5 or 6 coats... then i put 2 layers of sealer on... so far, they holding up... i took some steps in them and nothing has happened... any advice what i could do now to make them any better??

^^^ what you could try, is to get a rag w/ a little alcohol and acetone (not much), and just rub the paint you just applied. It will take a little off, but it should smooth it out and make the outermost layer a little flexible. But if its holding up as is, dont mess with it.

Live and learn.
The etherNYC guide says to use a 5:2 paint to acetone mix.

I would say thats about good. Just test it out and keep mixing til u get a good consistency. As for the rubbing alcohol, i usually add about half as much alcohol as i did acetone. It really helps smooths out the paint.
I also wanted to note that I didn't wipe down the silky smooths with acetone before I applied the paint like I should have. If I did, the paint job would have been even more durable. And when it comes to mixing the paint and other materials only mix enough to do the job. The less paint you have to start with the easier it is to determine how much of acetone and alcohol to use.
so with acrylic + acetone, can you paint over any color?

like paint white over black leather? (with enough layers)
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