Shoes for summer ball

ZKs are like, for guards IMO.
Go with the AF25 if not concerned with the price.
I would go with LBJ IVs.

WANTED: Columbia XI NDS/Worn Size 11

Azubuike - Barnes - Biedrins - Cabarkapa - Davis - Ellis - Foyle
Harrington - Jackson - Jasikevicius - O'Bryant - Pietrus - Powell - Richardson
Like JDMFanatic mentioned the ZK2s are for guards, that are fast and drive a lot, PG-SG. Perfect for those!
The AF25 is a shoe for all positions except PG cause it is a bit bulky and heavy.
I wouldn't pick the ZK1, cause I think that the ZK2 are even better!

IMO I would wait till July 12th and pick the Zoom Soldier!!! I would do that cause first of all it's an outdoor shoe with awesome Zoom Air cushioning, great lockdown , sick traction , lighter than all of the shoes mentioned above and it's solid like a tank! ( 4 stitching lines ). I don't think that anyone would disagree since the previous model 20-5-5 is a spectacular outdoor shoe!!!
cop the ZK2 Strengths...
if u can find the Uptempo Stutter Step Nash, (asia release edition) with the zoom air, those are good!!!
or some AND1s with L2G tech., those are suppose to be pretty cheap compared to Nike, right.
all good choices....loved the ZKI.....havent tried the ZKII's yet, but apparently somehow they topped the I's
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