Shoes that are uncomfortable.

Feb 24, 2003
The question is have you ever found that certain shoes you can wear for hrs without having discomfort. For instance some jordans will burn or hurt on the bottom of my foot after a couple of hrs of play, however some adidas I can wear all day after playing without discomfort. What im saying is I think some zoom air is too firm while other shoe techniques may support better. Also how do you feel about the lat of the shoe. Some like a large toe box whil other do not. Is ther any shoe not matter what you can not wear because of discomfort.
if it gets too uncomfortable, go buy some gel insoles and replace them. simple as that
Im curious to know what jays you wear with zoom that are too firm? Only one I can think of is OG 12. The rest are ultra soft, ultra responsive (12 retro, 13,14,15,16,17,18,19)
i agree with guy totaly...when ever i wear my lebron 3 lows, the bottom of my feet burn like crazy
the 14's & 19's are the best! but the 10's are horrible! ^^ the lebrons are a great b-ball shoe. maybe u should play in the mid-top lebrons, especially the 3's.
Is it just me or are the Fire Red III's uncomfortable, I mean not after a short wear or anything, but after a long time wearing them at the amusement park my heel was killing me. The cement III's from 03 are way more comfortable.
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19 really are the best jordan 2s i would say are the worst and the 4s cuz of that thing in the back of the shoe also 5s aint that great eaither
Idk my xiv retros are mad uncomfortable.

I'm pretty sure they look uncomfortable, that design really looks stiff.

Air Jordans
>The IV's that come out last year gives me minor pains; funny how a sz 13 hurts as much as a 12.
> My XIII's are horrendous when it comes to comfort.

>How many of you NTers ever tried the Kobe II's that came out in 2001-2002?
The IVs from last year kill my feet but the Xs and XIII and the best when it comes to comfort...... and I ball in my XIV all day
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uh... well my lebron 4's -- i mean they're madd comfy at the insole but the sides arent wide enough for me and i tried to break into them at six flags bad decision :stoneface:
went on a water ride and my feet hadn't dried the whole day because of all the layers and so when i took off my shoes after spending a day wearing em the sides of my feet were all red and my feet were pruny haha
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1s are horrible for comfort, unless they improved them for the retroes that just came out a few weeks ago
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I's ARE the worst. the OLNL pack was really comfy, but those retros before then....the ones that came with the key chain and the lows that year....HORRIBLE!

the CG IV's hurt when i first put them on, but htye got better over time. aside from that, i cant really think of an uncomfortable J.

then again, i've never worn the IX, XV, XVI & XXII.
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XVIII and XIX are the best 2 ball in, patent 1s IMO gotta be the worst
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