Shoes with double-stacked zoom air?

Sep 2, 2002
In over 20 years of playing ball in Nikes, Jordans, Reeboks, Adidas, And1, and New Balance, I've felt nothingbetter than Nike basketball shoes with double-stacked zoom air cushioning. Not only have shoes with this tech been firm with great transition, but can takeseveral months (even through two years with one pair) of pounding without ever bottoming out (Nike Lunar Foam the best example).

My question is other than the Jordan XIX, Jumpman Team Elite (from a few years ago), and Lebrons III and VI, are thereany other shoes with this tech? I'm planning to stockplie as many as I can since I've just about given up on all other cushioning tech for TRULYDURABLE basketball shoes.
I thought the Lebron III had Max Zoom, not double-stack Zoom. I thought the V had double-stacked heel Zoom Air. The Jordan 2009 also has double-stacked ZoomAir (one bag encapsulated in the midsole, the other in the insole). Also, Professor K's description of the Zoom Ultraflight's tech always made it soundlike it had double-stacked Zoom. Also the Nike Zoom Uptempo 3.0 created for Manu Ginobli (which he never actually wore), the Jordan XX2 (which came with adouble-stack IPS pod), and the Jordan XVIII all have double-stack heel Zoom Air.
the jordan 2009s have double stacked zoom. you arent going to find many shoes with double stacked zoom...there were only a couple non-signature shoes that havefeatured it.

im pretty sure the lebron 6s and the jordan 2009s are the only styles to feature it this season.
Take some shoes with zoom air in the heel, take out the insoles of some sb's put those insoles into the other shoes. You have double stack. I've nevertried this. Just thought of it. Might work.
i never wore any shoe with double-stacked zoom but i'm pretty sure the V has it double stacked.
Only 1's I kno of are the XIX's are they are the most comfortable shoes I have worn to hoop in
Word. The XIX's are my gym shoes. And I've put sooooo many miles on them. But the double stacked zoom air is amazing. The comfort is unmatched.
yea both lebron Vs and VIs have double stacked zoom........ and the jordan 2k9s definitely dont feel like it if they do have it. The OG royal foams were thefirst to have it. i dont think the retro have it though, well i should say i dont feel it.
Thanks for the feedback OnlyFootball. I had the Lebron III back in '06 and while comfy, they rubbed my achillesraw and the laces never stayed tight; they kept being torn by the unique eyelets.

The Jordan XVIII was a shoe I missed, but it just seemed too ugly and right after the XIX came along which was the most comfy shoe I've ever had. That wasthe shoe that lasted nearly two years, and a TON of games. I had the XX2 for awhile, but then sold them after tiring of the funny heel structure and how itfelt. The XX2 also had translucent sole which over a short while will wear smooth and reduce the traction of the shoe almost 40% in my estimation. Ultimatelythat was kinda why I didn't go after more pairs of the XIX, the translucent sole, especially on the outrigger part of the shoe which was new in thatrelease.

I wasn't able to find the Nike Zoom Uptempo 3.0 anywhere on the web, even starting with eBay. I'll keep searching, but I'm curious.

I didn't think the Jordan 2009 had double-stacked zoom. It sounds like there is if you count the insole, but intrying them on three times it didn't feel like it. I think it's kinda a cop out to put the additional zoom in the insole when the most tried and provenimplementation was done directly in the shoe; Jordan XIX.

I had the Lebron V (I think he's going to be the Sig player whose kicks I buy the most), and it was a nice shoe. Itraded them away and might revist them if I can find them on eBay.

Honestly, if even if there was something I could add, to single zoom air I'm still not sure if I would go forthat. Maybe one day Nike will sell the insoles with zoom implemented as a variation to some existing shoes that comes close to the Jordan XIX/Lebron VIimplementation. This certainly would have helped the sales on Foamposite Lite; a shoe I fell in love with except the Lunar Foam was the deal breaker. Thus far I've tried Spenco PolySorb Total Support, SuperFeet (they just don't have the necessary cushioning), and Spenco foam without the arch support andnothing get quite double stack.

I think I may just try and hog more Lebron VIs until something better comes along; maybe an implementation ofdouble-stacked zoom air shoe with the outsole from something like the Jordan XIV, XX, or XX3.
Originally Posted by cbfpunch

^^ are you guys talking about the CDP XIXs?

I had the OG XIXs, both the East and West colors. At one time I had four of the East, but sold three of them as a Ineeded the money. Kinda regretting that now.
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The OG royal foams were the first to have it. i dont think the retro have it though, .

Foam one/pro is a single layer full length unit.
Nike SB's Zoom E-Cue has double-stacked Zoom. Zoom heel unit + full-length Zoom insole.

Not a basketball shoe, but if you wanted it for casual use the E-Cue is cool.
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Nike SB's Zoom E-Cue has double-stacked Zoom. Zoom heel unit + full-length Zoom insole.

Not a basketball shoe, but if you wanted it for casual use the E-Cue is cool.

Thanks for that, even for just casual wear! Now gotta find a size 14.
Zoom Talache also has a full length zoom insole, and is much much cheaper than the E-Cues.

I'm fairly sure the Lebron 3 doesn't have a double stacked heel, but could be wrong.
I never realized that the XIX's have double stacked air. That explains a lot. Good stuff.
If youve ever read a post of mine you know I LOVE Full Zoom... but Double Stack....

Lawd... makes me want Double Stack House Slippers so I can always wear them. The XIX Pure Delight. Never a day or day after with foot fatigue with those. Imstill lookin for the XIX SE East joints myself.... they have held their value over the years.
Zoom Uptempo 3.0? Designed for Manu? Really?

The only kicks I remember that had the name Uptempo, 3.0 and Zoom in them were the old Garnetts:

However, I have no idea if these are the ones you are talking about... These were the precursor to the Garnett 3's (Air max 3), if I remember correctly...and a HUGE step up from the OG Garnetts, which I always felt were just thrown together...
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