Should i BUY?????? 2003 350z

Joined Jun 28, 2008
I would paint it black. The guy said it has no frame damge but i will still have a mechanic look at it.
Joined Jul 20, 2006
i wouldnt. looks like it has nice upgrades, but i just bought one literally 3 weeks ago, for 9k and it has a clean title and looks brand new.

it was automatic
and had 130k miles..yeah..lots of miles.
leather interior and all that other good stuff too.
Joined Jun 28, 2008
So why is everyone saying no? Of course if the frame is damaged in any type of way I'm not interested. I test drove it and it ran pretty well and the alignment didn't seem off. I HATE THE PAINT SCHEME THO!
Joined Jun 15, 2006
why would it be salvaged if there is no frame damage or something else but just as bad? a simple passeger side door dent will just get fixed and it will still have a clean title...
Joined Nov 10, 2004
Ehh.. I really wouldn't consider buying a modded car. And buying a car with a salvaged title is out of the question.

Even if they claim there was only "minimal damage", it was"just a fender bender", or it was "professionally repaired," Even if all those claims are true, a salvaged title would just make it harder to sell it down the road if you ever had to.
Joined May 2, 2009
as long as it doesnt have any more damage and your painting it and dont plan to sell it yet
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