Should Justin Combs (Puffy's son) give up his scholarship?

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Whether he needs or not doesn't matter.  Need based scholarships and merit based (academic, athletic, etc) scholarships are funded differently, from different allotments.  So even if he gave his merit based scholarship back, it wouldn't go to someone who needs it necessarily.  It would just go to another person who earned it.  And if that person is going to UCLA on a merit based scholarship then I'm guessing they probably have several other scholarship offers from others schools and don't really NEED it.
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Originally Posted by Oh YoU MaD

"Romeo Miller paid for his own tuition at USC, so that the school would be able to use the athletic scholarship money towards another player."

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Oh wow, I didn't even know that 
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JoeClear wrote:[hr][/hr]
zmoney3 wrote:[hr][/hr]nope, not if he actually earned it based on his football ability

I agree
QFT. They were talking about this on PTI yesterday. There has been plenty of other rich kids to get scholarships and it was never question. I can name a few from my high school, Jack Elway(John Elways son) got a full scholarship to ASU to play quaterback and he was terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by blakep267

Originally Posted by Spiceman80

I don't understand how him receiving a football scholarship based on his athletic ability has anything to do with his pops. It's not like he got b/c his dad is P Diddy. The kid can ball point blank. What is this talk of giving to someone more needy? If someone else has the talent worthy of $54,000 scholarship then that person would have it, if not at UCLA then somewhere else. This isn't a charity or something, makes no sense.
its just that at this point in time in our country, nobody really wants to hear about the rich getting even more handouts, especially a black guy. That probably eats people up
color has nothing to do with it. if he earned it on his own, then yes he deserves it. if he got it simply because his daddy is p.diddy, then no..same reason why michael jordan's kids were signed, even though they are not that great.. all the benefits that his father adds to the program
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merit/athletic scholarships vs need based scholarships are two entirely different categories and funded completely differently

if he had a 4.0/2400 SAT score and received a merit scholarship from USC, would yall still be mad??

I don't understand how this is even an issue worth mentioning. Let that boy cook.
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he shouldnt take, let someone that actually needs it have it
didnt diddy just drop 2 million in a strip club? 54,000 is nothing to him, his son can pay the 54000 himself no problem
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Diddy's son isn't even that nice at football. I remember seeing a highlight video of his. He looked like a regular football player, nothing special.
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"trust fund scholarship sure to give him power"Anyways, being on scholarship is a lot more than having your school paid for. If Justin was to pay his own way, he would be barred from many team activities, training table being among those. Combs wouldn't have access to the same nutritionists and believe me when I tell you this kid needs to be eating a lot.
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The only question is can the guy really play football? Was the scholarship given to him strictly based on his skills? Never seen him play so I wouldn't know but he seems undersized. I do know for sure that Romeo Miller wasn't deserving of his scholly.
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This makes no sense to me. I know plenty of wealthy kids who earned scholarships to schools, it was academic of course but still. They earned it and so did this kid, no reason for any of them to give it up
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I see no problem with letting the boy cook but is he good enough to live up to what they are offering?

5'9" 170 and only a 2 star recruit.
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Its a football scholarship though, not a need based grant or financial aid.....

question for the people who saying let them give it to someone who needs it: what if he gives it up then UCLA gives it to some kid to play backup qb from a well off family with a mom who's a lawyer and a dad who is a doctor, then what will you all say? "Oh well this kid should give it up too b/c he can afford it?" Where is the line gonna be drawn? Merit based scholarships shouldn't just be reserved for people who come from more humble backgrounds, that being said I'm SURE diddy will donate money to the school's general scholarship fund to help out well achieving students who can't afford it like Denzel did w/ his kid.....and damn a PUBLIC school costs 54,000?! thats insane
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If he's that talented he's entitled to it. If it were me though I'd go to my favorite Ivy and have Puffy pay for it instead. ***Ivy League doesn't do athletic scholarships, period.
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Originally Posted by 703 Hwy

Nope, and Wilbon made some great points yesterday on PTI about this. No offense, but do rich white kids give up their scholarships to Ivy league schools and such?
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Absolutely NOT.

If he EARNED his scholarship, let him keep it. I don't care how wealthy his family is. The boy earned it. Some people need to get off their moral high-horses on this one. On top of it all, it doesn't matter how rich you are, if you can save over 20k on college tuition, you'd be happy.


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Originally Posted by Deuce King

Originally Posted by 703 Hwy

Nope, and Wilbon made some great points yesterday on PTI about this. No offense, but do rich white kids give up their scholarships to Ivy league schools and such?
I agree with this point.  
But he could do something really beneficial like tell his dad to sponsor a few kids on academic scholarships that otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford it.  People forget academics > athletics 

mr marcus

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Originally Posted by Trelvis Tha Thrilla

He earned it. Not the first rich kid to receive a scholarship. I still dont see why this is a big deal.
and diddy son can actually ball...not saying he's going to the nfl....but if he work hard enough he'll have a decent college career 
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