Should you be able to go back to college after drafted in NBA

Jan 14, 2006
Is the NBA draft like the MLB draft, where the player drafted can go back to college after they've been drafted

I don't think you should go right back into the pool for next year's draft, if you're not signed. It should be like the NHL draft, where you do retain the rights for an amount of years (but they're changing the policies on that now)

Teams should have the ability to tell if a player is not ready for the D-League, they can go back for another year in college where they will get the playing time that will help their development in the long term

Or maybe your team's D-League affiliate doesn't even have the roster space to bring that drafted player in yet.

I look at a guy like Tony Wroten in Memphis. It's nice that he is learning the pro game from Conley and Allen. But he could easily do another two years at Washington, build up his strength, mature as an individual and a player. Then leave college after his third year and then do a half season + in the D-League.
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