Shouts out to @TroyD for Reppin NT at Next Level!

What shold Troy go under?

  • TroyD From NT

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  • Bruh Man From NT

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  • Ninjahood's Disciple

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  • TroyD (<3Jayzz)

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  • Hey Meth

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  • NT Thick

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Joined Apr 15, 2013
T Lo Sweater T Lo Sweater is going to Next Level tonight to play Street Fighter, and I told him he has to rep us in some way.

Which name should he go under?
Also you know, wish him luck too I guess...

If he wins we on the boards NT!
Joined Oct 8, 2002
"TroyD from NT" because it rhymes.


Bust an Ultra combo for NT!!!

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Joined Apr 15, 2013
What is Next Level and where I can I watch? Shout me out daddy father :tongue:
It's a fighting game tournament
You can watch it on Twitch.Com, just search "USF4", it'll pop up if the stream has started by the time you go.
I think it's later tonight
Joined Jul 18, 2012
if he wins and puts on for us it'll mean more than bron bringing a chip back to cleland 
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