Shox testify

Mar 2, 2006
Has anyone used these at all? Do they run narrow, I would buy them as just a casual shoe, so are they comfortable for that?
i remember that some people have said that it doesn't feel comfortable, just because of the way its shaped, they do run narrow as i recall. check other opinions for this though
hmm, I dont know whether to get these for 50 (dont have any shoes in this color) or melo m3's for 60 ( i already have shoes in carolina and grey). I like the colors and styling on the testify a lot, but i have a somewhat wide foot and dont want something uncomfortable, if they are similar to other shox such as lethals, then they are fine. I just want some thoughts on both shoes.
i saw the shoes a couple of months ago the only thing that impressed me was the outsole aggressive traction pattern!
did u try them on, if it doesn't feel good fitting wise, then don't get it. i don't think theres a breakin period like the foamposite shoes, so that it can form to the shape of ur feet, so it's either good or it isn't. the shox however u have to break-in
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