Sidekick LX 2009 Appreciation. Edit :Update

Joined Apr 16, 2007
Who else got their sidekick lx 2009 today as well? Still getting us to it. So far I REALLY LIKE IT! The 3G speed is really good. Have to test out the videoquality and stream youtube videos. Btw I have a IPHN as well (for all the ppl gonna bring that up).

Edit : So after having it for almost a week, I can truly say I like the phn. The 3G speed works really well. The screen is insane clear. I wasn't able toview videos from all sites, only some sites work (suppose to be at ota to fix this). Youtube vids are pretty clear for the most part. Camera is good, videorecording is just alright, could be better. Receiving those
vids from females are
Nice and clear viewing

Of course all the free themes are nice also ( Overall very happy with the phn.
Joined Oct 6, 2007
I'm on that BlackBerry Bold. The sidekick was hot 3 years ago. Maybe I just grew up.
Joined Feb 22, 2007
It's like a PDA Jr...I mean it's dope if you need to be on AIM and MySpace all day
Joined Feb 24, 2005
i remember a few years ago, 99% of NT was camping out for this Toy. LOL Now y'all hating on it
Joined Apr 14, 2004
Originally Posted by doosta45

Originally Posted by CWrite78

Originally Posted by ninjahood

lot of sidekick haters in here i see

only because they think owning anything other than a blackberry and/or iphone makes you a kid.

actually, not really. blackberry users are usually the ones that see everybody as a child for not having their "grown up" phone. you'll see it inall anti-sidekick rants.
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