Size question about Nike Men's Benassi Swoosh

Jun 25, 2007
I wear a size 16 shoe but the Nike Men's Benassi Swoosh only goes up to size 15. I recentley bought the adidas adilette in a size 14 because that is the biggest size they had and some one told me adidas run's bigger than nike and all slides run bigger than normal sneakers. The adidas adilettes were far too small and I had to return them. So if I order a size 15 Nike Men's Benassi Swoosh from eastbay do you think they would fit? If not are there any larger sized slides on a differant website anyone knows of that would be a better alternative?
I'm a 11 and I had to go with a 10...11 was just way too big.
So you'll be fine, you'd probably want to go with a 15 anyways.
That's my word

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I actually asked this question a few months back before buying the Benassi slides and got a bunch of feedback that all said the exact opposite of the replies here. basically I'm usually a size 11.5 in nike but sometimes an 11, and size 11 for other brands. the replies were tellin me that I had to get at least a 1/2 size bigger for these slides. I dunno if you've ever tried these on, but the strap that goes over your foot (where the giant swoosh logo is located) has a lot of cushioning underneath it for the comfort of your feet which make the fit a bit tighter than normal.

originally I planned getting a size 11 cause of the nike slides I had before ran big from what I remembered. ended up getting the 12 (aren't made in half sizes) and they're perfect.. just insanely comfortable slipping them on after ballin for hours. so maybe if you have really narrow feet or something you can slide into the full size smaller... just try them on and if they don't fit, return them.. no harm done.. nothing else you can do. good luck!
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