Sizing: Air Zoom Ultraflight

Dec 12, 2003
Need help with these,

how does the size run compared to
Kobe 2
Zoom soldiers

INFO would be very appriaciated, cause I probably wanna make those my game shoe
Fits true to size, and its hard to get your foot into the shoe...
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I havn't worn the above shoes, but I wear 8.5 in other Lebron shoes and even 8's in the first Kobe's. There is no way I could get into 8.5 Ultraflight's though. I've got 3 pair of 9's. There is plenty of room in front of the shoe, but the width is still tight.
true to size for me.
FS: DS Lebron IV Gold/White size 10. Send me a PM if interested.

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True to size for me. I wear a 10 in Soldiers, LBJ IVs, KB2s, etc....

True to size, but I wear 10 in Soldiers and KBII's and 9.5 in Lebron IV's.

I wear sz 10 in Ultraflights. The only Nike sneaks I wear 9.5 in (so far) are 2K4's and Lebron IV's.

You just have to get down your own method of getting your foot in the shoe. At first it seems like an impossible task, but after trying a few times you get it down. I just put my thumb in behind my heel at an angle, then just slide my foot in while really stretching the hole with my thumb as much as I can. Works for me so it doesn't hurt anymore and it isn't so much of a hassle.
Yes, getting them on takes a little practice.

ISoon I'm getting rid of my white/yellow size 10s if anyone is interested....

IMO they fit a bit small.

I wear a size 9 and had to get a 9. The width was a bit bothersome at first but then I got used to it. I felt the toebox was a bit cramped for me. If I had a choice I think I would get a 1/2 size up, but i'm not sure cuz i never had a chance to try a 9.5.

I say getting a half size up doesn't hurt.
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