Sizing/Fit of Foamposites?

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A Shop near by still has the Dr. Doom Foamposites but the largest size they have is a 12 and i tend to flex between a 12/13. i tried the CB34s in a 13 they fit fine, my lebron 3s are a 13 (the 12 was just too tight) but most of my jordans are size 12. i wear 13 in air maxes except for the 1s 12s are fine and size 12 air force ones are a little too loose. I wanted a 13 but there was only one 12 left and i didnt want to bother guy store owner if they didnt fit.

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Quote:[hr][/hr]but most of my jordans are size 12. i[hr][/hr]

You *should* be okay. The Foamposite 1 upper will stretch somewhat to match your foot, more so than conventional uppers.
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