Sizing of Jordan 13's retro

Mar 6, 2006
wat up nt,
Im lookin to pick up a pair of 13s and i want to know how do they fit? i wear a mens 8 in most other jordans. would i be able to fit in to a 7.5? any help would be appreciated
In most shoes I wear a 11.5-12 and in 13's retro's I wear a 12 and in OG's I wear a 11.
true to size
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true to size, and i find them wide, and XIIIs are one of my grails, especially breds and playoffs!

you possibly cud fit into a 7.5...
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they always ran a size bigger on me i wear a 11.5/12 but can fit an 11 in XIII's
i used to sell rocks for a pair of air jordans/but i still flip blocks for that jordan money
I wear a 10.5 in most shoes, but got a pair of retros in 10.5, too big, so I got another pair in 10, perfect
got all black 2k3's size 10 to sell? I got money

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Just watch out for dog crap. >:
Man I miss my breds. :frown:
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They fit true to size

I don't think you will be able to fit a 7.5

get a size 8
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