Slim Thug ft Scarface & J Dawg - Hard Appreciation *J Dawg :eek*

Feb 8, 2009
Everybody came correct on this track

Mr. Lee

But my dude J Dawg hit home for me

"These tattoo tears cover my face,
My momma got mad at first but shid she know what she made,
Im a G you gotta pray for me it is what it is,
Why these dudes out here playin man its real on my field,
What you know bout no tv no lights and no food,
No diapers for the baby the whole house smell like boo boo,
Think bout what you would do while I tell you what I done,
Jumped straight up off the porch Now the game has begun,
My big brother on lock so I stole his glock, he aint gone need it where he at,
Im bout to go and score some crack
And big homie knew I had it on my mind
He aint like but its Reiking running through my bloodline
He knew that it wouldnt be hard for me to find, so he chose to put me down
So I got up on my grind
And for those of you h's think Im glorifying crack
My mama lights off the whole house pitch black "
^ Yea that mixtape is fya dude can spit you need to check out that PJ & J Dawg Hoggin & Shinnin Mixtape
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