Smash & Dash - How Do You Feel After? Vol. Guilty Pleasure (Updated With Pic)

Joined Apr 1, 2009
If it's OT, no guilt.
If I see her again, still no guilt.

Choch ain't a binding contract especially when the chick is using it for recreational purposes.
Joined Mar 18, 2008
This reminded me of that ex-basketball player/coach that was addicted to sex
"What did you do after you had sex with these women?"
"I went to my room and cried"

Joined Aug 20, 2003
I use to do em bad... but when you learn how a smash and dash can be come an advantageous experience you'll start getting more out of it... I still smash and duck every now and then tho when its necessary
Joined Dec 27, 2008
shes nice. Usually let the females know what the biz is before I smash so I don't feel guilty about never hitting her up after
Joined Nov 20, 2007
I like to smash multiple times. It's a w/e feeling afterward. In regards to the chick(with the smash & dash in mind), I feel the need to make haste in my departure unless she's a fun girl.

I don't understand why you titled this smash and dash if it's been going on for months. I can understand with shorty in the pic tho.
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