Sneak peek at Air Jordan 9 Premio-BIN23

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The Jordan Brand BIN23 Collection was announced earlier this month marking the next step of brand’s forward movement. The BIN23 Collection is said to feature iconic Air Jordan models expertly constructed with premium materials, and the leather-laden Air Jordan II Premio was proof of that. Here’s a sneak peek at what could be the next addition to the BIN23 Collection.

As you can clearly see, this White/Gold colorway of the Air Jordan IX features the BIN23 wax stamp on the upper panel, signifying the shoe’s inclusion in the choice collection of footwear. While there seems to be a lack of the high-quality leather that was used on the Air Jordan II Premio, it’s possible that alterations may have been made since these sample pics were snapped. It’s rumored that these will be hitting Asia in April in very limited numbers, but we’ll keep you posted on further info. Let us know if you think this proposed colorway of the Air Jordan IX is worthy enough for BIN23.

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(They actually remind me of some Marshall Faulk PEs from his days with the rams.)

Seems somebody beat me to it


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I like the BIN23 II's better myself. These just look like a different colorway of the IX, the materials don't look very premium. Maybe they need to be seen close up.
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How many threads do we need on the same pics I posted at the start of the week from the same magazine?!
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JB always finds a way to screw things up. If they drop a nice colorway..the quality is usually garbage...and if they drop a ugly colorway...the quality is usually nice.
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Originally Posted by donttalkitlivit

i would copp without the red splatter. can someone enlighten me on what that is????
that's the "bin23" stamp of quality
as for the shoes, they are ok


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look like %%!%, figures jb comes out with an awesome idea, and the shoes look like %%!%, just #%%$+%% figures, nice fail jb as usual
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