Sneak Preview: Jordan ONE6 ONE7 - Summer 2010

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Sneak Preview: Jordan One6 One7

Coming off the commercial success of the Jordan 16.5, Jordan Brand has gone back into the well to mash the same two models up again for a new summer shoe named the Jordan One6 One 7. This White/Metallic Silver colorway features a solid white base with silver accenting and a combination full grain and patent leather upper look. Using the same tooling as the Jordan 16.5, the upper now features a more Air Jordan XVII-slanted look using a similar design pattern as featured on that year’s lowtop models. The Jordan One6 One7 officially launches in July with a White/Metallic Silver/Black colorway and follows up in August with this White/Metallic Silver style. Continue reading for more detailed images of the upcoming Jordan One6 One7.

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Originally Posted by dtb00201

Can they just release the real 16 and 17 already?
Forreal, looks like they'll be stuck on this "mushing designs together" for a while.


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 These are pretty much the same shoe as the 16.5, I like the XVI's I like the XVII's but I don't like them smashed together
 The 16.5 was an easy pass and so are these.Thanks for the pics/info.
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I have been deliberately and stubbornly calling these the 16.5 lows in the NBA Feet thread but whatever the case these look GOOD! Would love to see the black/silver colourway also and certainly looking forward to more cw's....I like!

and P.S. JB do drop those all navy ones Bibby has been wearing!  


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I'd like to buy a colorway or two of these, I really would.

But they HAVE to fix the pre-yellowed sole syndrome I've noticed on all colors of the XVI.5 Mids.
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Woah, I came in here to hate but everytime I scrolled down an saw another pic, I like them more and more. With the exception of that silver Jumpman on the heel, the shoe is
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Don't like them. JB needs to just release OG colorways of the signature series. Stop with this fusion/Spizike/B.S. stuff
already. Money is too tight for people to blow on garbage releases. This stuff is soo out of control anymore.
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These are actually kinda ill. I'd cop maybe in another cw. JB should just drop the 16's & 17's again like everyone wants!
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That's what i love about JB these days: Take an idea that was sucessful, and rehash it until people get tired of it.

As it happens, these look decent, but no guarantees the 16 SE, or whatever they end up calling it will.
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Originally Posted by stevesteve72

 These are pretty much the same shoe as the 16.5, I like the XVI's I like the XVII's but I don't like them smashed together
 The 16.5 was an easy pass and so are these.Thanks for the pics/info.

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wow, these look like a great design... with the right colorblocking and a solid sole option, these would be amazing NikeID shoes.

I love my 16.5's for bball, just starting to hate their clear yellowed soles... as someone who wears all of his shoes, I'm not a fan of clear soles in general because of the yellowing.
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