Sneaker event Detroit 11-8-06 . Cast your vote 4 the winners

Mar 15, 2003
What up NT. This post is for the guys who didn't make it down and couldn't vote or who disagreed with the results of each contest at the Burn Rubber party in Detroit. I'm gonna close voting at the end of the month (maybe sooner). So make sure you guys vote. We really need your input because the results seem to be questionable and there was an uproar at the end so this will set the record straight for everyone involved. Thanks NT!!

Up 1st is hottest collection contest:
Contestant #1

Contestant #2

Contestant #3

Contestant #4

Contestant #5

Contestant #6

Contestant #7
Sorry folks I didn't get the top portion of this guys set up. But he had all dunks and SBdunks on top

Contestant #8

Hottest pair contest:
Don't have pics of all, but the contestants are.... Espo AF2, Yo MTV raps Puma Clyde, PE Sheed AF1, Futura FC, Adidas Y-3 and OG wmns Pegasus

Hottest hook up (which ended up being another hottest kicks contest):
Contestants were Viotech Dunks, Frankenstien AF1's, White Gum Midsole JD sports AF1's, Tiffany Dunks, and two studio 255 customs.

Again make sure you guys vote. We really need your input because the results seem to be questionable and there was an uproar at the end so this will set the record straight for everyone involved. Thanks NT!!
^^^^of course you would say that, the love of the forces will always overcome.

I have bias, but #3 had the hottest display, and most def should have won something!!!!!
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SMH @ only getting the bottom portion [OTHERS] of my table....i wouldn't win but still i'm gettin done DIRTY! anyone else have a pic of table 7???

4 got my vote at the show but IRL, the Y-3s crush anything else almost..6 had a serious collection.

BOY?? would you PLEASE BOSS UP????
4 got my vote for the best collection

as for the hottest hook up.. gotta give it to my boy justin in the blue 10 deep hoody.
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Ok lets stop this "my friend stuff" this is why the contest went down the way it did in the first place. #1 took it down cuz he had the most people come out for him, now should he have won, who knows? #4 had alot of the same shoes (futuras, vamps etc..), but he (#4) had some other heat. #1 also had Heineys and Cali's and Bisons (all DS)!!!!

But back to my original point, is that sure justin had a nice head to toe, but 10 other people had 10 deep hoodies on....aka ends up being not that fresh. My man with the cement tounge Rolling stone knock off shirt also had a nice hook up. We all have to remember when we step out into the everyday world our gear is the hottest people see. But when we all get together we really have to step our games up.....ALOT!!!

So lets not go down that road of my friend this and my friend that, cuz we will just end up with the same results.
Haters Need To Hate Harder!!
collection . . . 4 or 6 imo

pair . . . y-3's

fit . . . between the cat in the funkadelic tee (for making the frankensteins work) and the cat in the sweater vest (although the track jacket would look better unzipped)
hail to the victors, baby.
DublBagn, which was your collection?
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^ Oh @#%$... Yo, I was that kid with the cement tounge tee and the faux fur hoody on. Thanks for the love, I wasn't even really trying to come up their with "best fit" or anything, I actually left before they even did the contest, but it is cool to hear someone say something still.

But most everyone who came out was looking fresh. Especially considering this isn't NY or Cali and we can't walk out of our doors and go to 1 of 10 boutiques to get clothes or shoes. I am still not sure about the whole contest aspect of it though, I still think it kind of takes away from chilling and appreciating others collections. Basically every table had some sort of heat that I probably would never have seen otherwise.
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#6 shoulda won hands down! He had ds hares, cement 4s, bred 4s and some Y-3s! And i think i shoulda won for the best fit but since ima female im never gonna get the respect i deserve. The sneaker community is very bias toward females and im upset by it. This was my first time really comeing to a event like this and everyone was looking at me like i didnt belong. I tried to strike up some conversation with people but that didnt work either. There is plenty of people on nt that can vouch on how nice and cool i am. Ive also helped lots of people on here find jordans all through Detroit and put them up on my secret shoe spot. It was nice to see the kicks but i wouldnt come back to another event like this again.
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yea 1focusedfemale is VERY nice, gotta give her that.

I can see that this sneaker world, this nt world, it's VERY different from the world I live in. The fashion isn't the same at all. I could care less about a 10 deep hoody, an lrg hoody, or any of those "don't make sizes past 2x" boutique brands. In my opinion, no @#%$, none of those dudes are dressed "fly", they all look like typical niketalkers, but that's fine. I just like to see people come out, have fun, and leave in one piece.

For the most part, I'm not a "sneakerhead", but I am heavily into AF1's. I'm not one to keep shoes deadstock, I don't camp out, I don't wear shirts that stop at my waist, but that may be stereotyping. I do share a love for sneakers....I know the names, I know about fakes/variants, and some of the other things that tie us together.

All in all, it's hard to have a compeition on who has the best this or that, because it's ALL based on opinions. From cars, to models, to's all just based on the judges can never please everyone. - Air Force 1's and New Era Fitteds

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^ i understand where all of u are comin from. I am 14 yrs old, but i made myself noticable in the "sneaker game". I didn't get respect at first but now i get all the "rep" for my age. I came into the sneaker game at the age of 13. Ended up going to the sole collector event where i met Focused and Jason (#1). i came in

there hardly not knowing anyone but made myslef Noticable. I walked up to jason and made a conversation with him and also Andre (works at A Foot). Guys where like wow man u killed it with those shoes. i rocked me some Leborn Af1's and Christmas AF1'S. But i understand where all of u are comein from.
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