SNEAKER FEST 2009 Virginia Beach Saturday May 9th

Mar 8, 2008

FYI for those that haven't heard about this event.

We'll be out there tryin to dumpin out some kicks as well.
Homie, the event is May 9th... might wanna change your title to that.

imo, they could've used a chick with more meat on her on the flyer. But hey, that's just me.

How much is it to get in at the door?

I'm actually IN a wedding on the Oceanfront on Saturday (Hilton); wouldn't mind chaning clothes and walking down andstopping through before 10 pm.
godamn she's lookin hungry

im in there

and theres a post already about this
I think to get in at the door, its 15$....i think its too much considerin its the 1st time the showcase is being done...I suppose making back what you spentfor the event is important, but for the NC one, we only charged 2$ to attract people who would otherwise hesitate to attend a sneaker event..was also theraffle...i'm just hoping cats show up to the event and hopefully do some networking.

hopefully i'll get to meet some of ya'll out there tomm nite.

like goin to the club with that price

ill be at mystique..sorry sir i cant do it
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