Sneaker spot for the South Sound/253 area?

Mar 29, 2007
To all you PNW peeps that live in the South Puget Sound; how does a new sneaker spot sound? I'm talking about peeps south of Seattle/Tukwila area. I've noticed all the shoe spots around WA are in King County. Would you shoeheads be interested in seeing a new shop in the Tacoma area that
offered skate equipment/apparel (vans, DC, etc.), Nike SB, JB, and Nike exclusive accounts? I've been to a few shoe releases at the Tacoma Mall and other surrounding areas and there are mad shoeheads out and about. I know Pierce County has tons of shoeheads, but I haven't seen any place really represent (besides Platinum Wear, but I would hardly consider them a spot). Just a question for everyone. All feedback would be great. Thanks.
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