Sneaker spots in MIAMI

Feb 5, 2007
Yea so im goin to Miami at the end of May and i need some good spots. Lookin for good sneaker spots, food spots tattoo spots and any other suggestions. Let me know im comin down from NY for a week.
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Isn't there a sticky somewhere?

Go check out...Shoe Gallery (Downtown)...Niketown (Coral Gables)...MIA Skateshop for SB's (South Beach)...Soles (South Beach)...Invazion (Coconut Grove/US1)....Arrive (South Beach).

Tattoo spots are all over the beach...but obviously the most infamous one is Miami Ink.

Food Spots...there is a really good spot for BBQ on the corner of 16th and Collins (close to Arrive).

House of Wings in Coconut Grove....hood wing spot lol.

Then if you got some money...Barton G's...China Grill...Prime 112...those three are all on on the Beach.
Yo where the hell is Shoe Gallery? I was in Miami a week ago and I couldn't find that joint to save my life. Is it one of those spots that if you blink, you'll miss it? It's kind of by AA Arena, right?

On another note, I'm jealous of anyone who lives in the vicinity of Miami. I @#%$ love that city. LOVE IT.
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