So a Black Manager at Mcdonalds Called me the N word

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Why because it's the truth? No feedback or thoughts on what the manager said? I know it's embarassing ( for her because she's the one who said it ) but it's the truth. A black person just called me a N - word but i'm 1/2 black myself...theres no explanation as to why the thought came to her head to call me that? Racism exists and some people I discovered are racists towards their own kind. This is a fact ..are we really going to deny that doesn't exist?
How much of you is upset at being called the N word? The full 1/2 or what?
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You should give therapy some serious thought OP.

Not even joking; you moving like you never recovered from your brother passing and every post being 8,000 words makes it seem like you don't have any other way to get your thoughts out.

Also, you're objectively in the wrong here. You were worried about a burned sandwich and now you should be worried about one of her people wiping your nose for throwing hot coffee at her and/or legal repercussions.
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This dude got a new job at spectrum going door to door ringing the bell and asking people to leave Fios for this trash *** service. No wonder he’s a trash *** human being. New York really failed with bail reform. Got fools acting out with no repercussions for hype from men on the internet. Go read a book pa.
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Used cursed language 1st, told her to refund you in a nasty way.

Got refunded.

Cursed her again.

She cursed you with the word.

Black on black cursing and racism. :smh:

Just leave.

Threw coffee :lol:.
Wrong in so many ways. :lol:

Folks think they can just talk to people any kind of way because it’s “their money”.
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If this did occur, not sure what you thought would happen. Not sure why you would think using profanity and being aggressive would just be accepted.
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Lmao my best friend is like this. Ordering extra crispy, well done, extra this that. At a ****in fast food restaurant.
There are few times where that’s okay. Take bacon for instance. If you want a B.E.C I can understand if you tell them crispy bacon. Don’t nobody want that chewy *** bacon lol
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