So, can I get a master list of chick cars, please?

Joined Apr 4, 2007
Off the top of my head, a Volkswagen Beetle
Mercedes Benz CLK
BMW 1 Series
MINI Cooper
Fiat 500

EDIT: Chrysler 300.

I know a lotta you consider a Celica a chick car, but I kinda like it... Same with the Lexus IS250/350

I don't consider a Mustang a chick car, at all.
Joined Dec 13, 2004
Outside of the old Beetle that had a built in vase, I don't consider any cars a "chick car."

But if were just putting together a list of small convertibles, then:

Chrysler 200
VW Eos
Joined Mar 22, 2005
I own a mini, probably the funniest car I have owned, and the ladies love it. Don't mind it being labeled by NT as a chick's car.

Now brother holler if you hear me
Joined Feb 6, 2011
Chrysler 300? Really? I don't own one but I swear that was marketed towards men. Mini Copper? What?
Joined Nov 10, 2005
Honda Civic is the king of chick cars..If you're into modding and all that stuff then I can overlook it, but stock Civics look too feminine to me
Joined Aug 4, 2010
look at TS user name tho........

fail. thread is full of fail LOL @ A CAR BEING A CHICKS CAR. such thing does not exist jump out of your little bubble you live in.
Joined May 1, 2011
i would cop one of them 4wd minis

audi TTs arent chick cars

and i actually like the look of the FRONT of those scion coupes....

but theyre labeled chick cars.

i had a bum %%+ $@+%! in an F150 tell me my volvo s60 t (t for turbo) was a "chicks car"

lmao right
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